Karaoke Home Producer Review

Karaoke Home Producer
  • Create karaoke CD+G versions of your favorite songs with lyrics, title image, and credits image.
  • Use MP3, WAV, or WMA backing tracks.
  • Select background color, font type, text color and size.
  • Import LRC lyrics files or copy and paste lyrics into the editor.
  • Easily synchronize the lyrics to highlight to the music.

Our Review:
Karaoke Home Producer is a program for creating CD+G song tracks from your own audio backing track and lyrics. CD+G song tracks are not video but the lyrics are highlighted in time as they are to be sung. Low color graphics with transition effects may also be added.

The biggest problem facing those who wish to create their own karaoke song tracks is acquiring a good audio backing track... without the lead singer of course. Unless you are a musician who can create your own, your options are to use the backing track from an already published karaoke song, purchase the backing track or have one created, or try to remove the lead vocals from a standard song track.

Unless you're making a parody, or want to change the language for some reason, the first option doesn't make a lot sense because you already have a perfectly good karaoke song track. There are websites that sell backing tracks and the ones that are already created can be purchased fairly cheaply. However, if you must have one custom created it can be quite expensive. The third option of removing the lead vocals from a standard song track is rarely going to work out well. Especially if you need a good quality backing track.

Typical vocal removing software applications "reduce" the lead vocals on only some recordings. Also, he vocals are never completely eliminated and the music is always degraded to some degree. The reason for this is because "automatic" vocal reducing software looks only for center panned vocals. The exception being Vogone which allows a lot more flexibility on locating the vocals.

With that being said, Karaoke Home Producer does a very good job of creating CD+G song tracks. There are a couple of options for adding lyrics. Plenty of tools are provided to let you accurately synchronize the lyrics to the music. You can add intro and outro images with effects. The bottom line is that you can create CD+G song tracks that are as good or better that the commercial ones.

Very easy to use. Customizable font and text.

No Mac computer version.

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