Nady SP-4C Dynamic Neodymium Microphone Review

Nady SP-4C Dynamic Neodymium Microphone
  • Neodymium element for high output and low noise
  • Ultralight aluminum voice coil for accurate reproduction
  • Advanced multi-axis rubber shockmount for element minimizes handling noise
  • Rugged, all-metal construction for maximum reliability
  • External on-off switch for easy control of audio from stage

Our Review:
The Nady SP-4C is not a bad sounding microphone, however, the cheap price is not the only cheap thing about it. It is not well constructed and is created from inferior materials. The cord ends were poorly attached and actually caused a lot of noise. It's about what you would expect for a mic and cord at this price.

Decent sound quality.

Very poorly designed with inferior materials.

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