RSQ NEO22 Multi Format Karaoke Player Review

RSQ NEO22 Multi Format Karaoke Player
What makes this player different from many others is its ability to play NEO-G discs. The NEO-G format is the creation of RSQ karaoke. It is basically a DVD that contains compressed versions of CD+G song tracks. It allows for thousands of songs to reside on a single disc. NEO-G did not take off very well and not many discs were released. Subsequently, the NEO-G playing feature of this player is not important to most people.

So what you have here is a multi-format karaoke disc player with ripping, recording, and scoring features. It will also play MP3+G files from an SD card or USB device which is a very handy feature. The scoring function on machines like this are very inaccurate and hardly worth messing with.

Supported Disc Types
Plays CD, CD+G, DVD, MP3+G, and NEO-G discs.

Supported File Types from SD Card or USB Device
Plays MP3, MP3+G, and MPEG4 files.

CD+G and NEO-G Ripper
Rip songs from CD+G and NEO-G discs to an SD card or USB storage device in the MP3+G format at 4x speed. A text file listing all the ripped songs on an SD card or USB device can be generated and saved to that device. Songs will not be named by song title. They will be named by Disc ID and Track Number.

Microphone Inputs
There are two 1/4" microphone inputs with separate volume controls. Echo effect control is located on the remote control.

Performance Recording
Record your karaoke performance while singing along with an MP3+G or NEO-G karaoke song and save it to an SD card or USB device as an MP3 file.

MPX Button
There is a type of karaoke CD+G disc called "multiplex". The songs on these discs are split into left and right stereo channels. The left channel contains only the lead singer while the right channel contains only the music. The MPX button lets you switch the side with the lead vocals on or off.

Digital Key Control
This allows you to adjust the key of the music to suit your voice without changing the tempo. The adjustments are in half key steps up or down (sharp or flat).

Remote Control
The remote will control most of the player's functions and on-screen commands.

Audio Outputs
You have a choice of 5.1 Channel, Left and Right RCA stereo, Optical, and Coaxial outputs.

Video Outputs
Composite RCA, Component RCA, SCART, S-Video, and VGA.

Plays NEO-G discs as well as common karaoke disc types. Records karaoke performances. Rips NEO-G and CD+G discs to MP3+G files. Plays MP3+G files from SD card or USB device.

No HDMI output. Overpriced. Not known for reliability. Confusing user manual.

The RSQ NEO22 Multi Format Karaoke Player has a lot of nice features, but not more than other machines priced considerably less. Unless you own NEO-G discs you would be better off with something else with comparable features but less expensive. Like the Acesonic DGX 213 for example.

RSQ NEO22 User Manual

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