Singing Machine iSM1030BT Bluetooth Karaoke Pedestal Review

Singing Machine iSM1030BT Bluetooth Karaoke Pedestal
The iSM1030BT is one of the better karaoke systems produced by Singing Machine. It offers many great features and very good sound. It takes advantage of Bluetooth technology for connecting to compatible devices. The CD+G disc ripping feature is something that is not found many portable units.

Supported Disc Types
Plays standard CDs, CD+G discs, and MP3+G discs. Only CD+G and MP3+G discs display lyrics on the screen.

Supported File Types from USB Flash Drive
Plays MP3 and MP3+G files. This is an important feature as it will allow you to play MP3+G songs downloaded from the internet without needing to create a disc from them.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Wirelessly connect to your Bluetooh compatible mobile device to play music through the karaoke machine. There's even a cradle for holding them.

Rip CD+G Discs to MP3+G
Rip the song tracks from CD+G discs onto a USB drive in the MP3+G file format. MP3+G song files are much smaller than the original song tracks on a CD+G disc which means you can store a large number of them on a USB flash drive. Ultimately this can let you not have to load CD+G discs so often.

Performance Recording
While performing a song using a CD+G or MP3+G disc you may record your performance and save it to a USB flash drive as an MP3 file.

7 Inch Color Monitor
The color monitor is bright and easy to read. A huge improvement over the smaller B&W monitors found on so many portable systems.

Auto Voice Control
There is a type of karaoke CD+G disc called "multiplex". The songs on these discs are split into left and right stereo channels. The left channel contains only the lead singer while the right channel contains only the music. With a balance control you are able to mix the left and right channels to allow just enough lead vocals to help you learn to sing the song. The Automatic Voice Control feature automatically mutes the lead vocals channel when you start to sing through the microphone. When the singer stops singing, the vocals will resume to normal.

Digital Key Control
Allows you to adjust the key of the music up or down by half key steps without affecting the tempo.

Echo Control
Adjustable effect that enhances the sound of the vocals coming from the microphones.

Tower Speakers
The tower speakers produce surprisingly good sound quality and moderate volume.

There are two microphone inputs with separate volume controls. Two fair quality microphones are included with this system.

FM Radio
Like to sing along to the radio? This system has an FM radio built in which is something rarely found in modern karaoke machines.

Audio/Video Output Connections
RCA outputs let you connect this machine to a TV and/or sound system.

Power Supply
This unit does not run on batteries. It must be plugged into a 120V AC wall outlet.

Plays MP3+G files from a USB device. Plays CD+G discs which is the most popular type of karaoke disc. Bluetooth connectivity. Has adequate controls for microphones and music mix. Can be connected to an entertainment center. Lets you record and save your singing performances. Good quality sound from the tower speakers.

The pedestal is not very sturdy and could have been created with more substantial material.

The Singing Machine iSM1030BT Bluetooth Karaoke Pedestal is a very nice system that will surely liven up home parties for kids and adults alike. It produces very good sound for a portable unit that claims only 7 watts of output power. The CD+G ripping feature can be very useful. Playing MP3+G files from a USB thumb drive is an important attribute. We feel this karaoke system is one of the better values available today.

Singing Machine iSM1030BT User Manual

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