Video Hoster Review

Video Hoster with Song Book Creator
  • Touchscreen Support
  • Song Book Creation and Printing
  • Disc Ripping and Song Database Creation
  • Full Featured Automatic Singers Rotation
  • Display Singers name and Up Next singer in the Marquee
  • Singer History
  • Automated Background Audio Player (Filler Music).
  • Dual Monitor Support
  • Key Control in Semi-Tones (Half-Keys)
  • Song Silence Detector
  • Easy Song Search
  • Play CD+G Discs
  • Venue Manager
  • Singer's Disc Button
  • SongBookDB Remote Request
  • Slideshow Feature

Our Review:
Video Hoster is the only fully integrated karaoke hosting software. This means it has a disc ripping feature, song database creation, song book creation and printing, and show hosting ability, all in a single application. All of these features are of the highest quality. In fact, you won't find more show hosting features in any other hosting application. It is exactly what you should expect from MTU, a leader in audio software for decades.

This program will create a database of the karaoke song files on a hard drive. File types that can be imported are MP3+G, Zipped MP3+G, WMA+G, and most video formats as well. These songs can be searched for by Artist, Title, or Catalog Number (if included in the file name) and added to a singer's song request list.

One of the greatest features of karaoke hosting software is Singer History. The program maintains a database of all singers who have performed songs along with every song they have performed. Singers may also be managed by venue. The Singer Rotation feature lets you organize the singers and their requested songs.

A scrolling marquee displays the singer's name and song tile along with the next up singer's name and song title. The filler music feature plays standard songs at a lower volume that fade in and out between karaoke songs. You select the standard songs to add to the list and they will play randomly (between karaoke songs) at a set volume level.

Some karaoke hosts will play discs that singers bring with them if they contain songs that the host does not have. Video Hoster supports playing CD+G discs and has a Singer's Disc Button to rip a track from their disc or flash drive into the playlist, saved as temp files and auto-deleting after playing to be legal.

Utilizing the extended desktop feature of your computer, the dual monitor support allows you to display the controls on one monitor and the karaoke screen on another. Video Hoster is fully compatible with touchscreen monitors. The SongBookDB Remote Request feature allows singers to search your song library and make song requests using their iPhone, Smartphone, or other mobile device.

If you are looking for the most feature rich and professional karaoke hosting software available look no further than Video Hoster. We haven't come close to describing all the features of this fantastic software. To learn more about it, or to download a demo version, you should visit its product information page.

Great number of great features. Integrated features eliminate the need for separate disc ripping and song book programs. SongBookDB integration for remote song search and song requests.

No Mac computer version. A bit of a learning curve.

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