Behringer Europower PMP1680S Powered Mixer Review

Behringer Europower PMP1680S Powered Mixer
At 18.1 x 8.7 x 12.4 inches and 21.8 pounds the Behringer Europower PMP2000 is truly a compact unit. Fortunately they did not skimp on features to achieve this compact size. It delivers plenty of power for medium to large sized venues. We found it to produce crisp and clear sound and to be constructed of quality components.

You have a choice of 2 x 800-Watt stereo, 2 x 800-Watt dual mono or 1600-Watt bridged mono sound. This unit features 8 built-in, high-quality mic preamps and 2 stereo channels. XLR inputs supply phantom power for condenser microphones. There are CD/Tape RCA inputs to feed in external stereo signals from CD players, karaoke players, or a computer. CD/Tape RCA outputs send line-level signals from the mixer to a recording device.

Two studio grade 24-bit Multi-FX processors each give you 100 digital effect presets such as delay, chorus and reverb. The effects can be applied to any channel, as well as to the monitors and main output. Dual 7-band stereo graphic EQs allow for high-quality sound. An integrated Feedback Detection System helps you recognize and tame feedback frequencies immediately. Powered outputs are of the professional, twist-lock Speakon compatible type.

The Voice Canceller function works just like vocal remover software, which is to say that it is effective on only some sound tracks and never completely removes the lead vocals. So don't think you can use this to create good sounding karaoke song tracks from standard song tracks.

Plenty of preamp inputs. Two 24-Bit effects processors. Feedback Detection System. Compact size and light weight.

Offers only Speakon power outputs.

The Behringer Europower PMP2000 is a good entry level powered mixer with enough power for medium to large sized venues or home use. A good speaker match for this unit would be a pair of Behringer Eurolive B215XL passive PA speakers. Maybe add a pair of Behringer Eurolive VP1800S subwoofers to really crank out the bass. This unit offers only Speakon powered outputs which means you will not be able to connect to passive speakers with 1/4" TS or XLR cables. The built in effects are good quality and easy to operate.

Behringer Europower PMP1680S User Manual

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