Power SCDG Ripper Review

Power SCDG Ripper
  • Choose songs from SCDG disc.
  • Save songs to BIN, MP3+G, or Zipped MP3+G files.
  • Use automatic naming for each song.
  • Use song filter and sorting to quickly find songs.

Our Review:
SCDG (Super CDG) discs are a creation of the CAVS company. These discs can be played only on CAVS karaoke machines. The songs on SCDG discs are actually compressed CD+G song tracks almost identical to the MP3+G format. Power SCDG Ripper will rip the songs from SCDG discs to BIN, MP3+G, or Zipped MP3+G files which are supported by virtually all karaoke software players and can be used to create CD+G discs.

We found that Power SCDG Ripper does precisely what it is advertised to do and that it is very easy to use.

Easy to use. Rips files quickly.


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